Preview: Channel 5’s new original comedy ‘Borderline’!


    Channel 5 today unveil the first exclusive additional content scene from the eagerly awaited brand new, original comedy Borderline.

    Borderline is a retro-scripted mockumentary based in the border security office of fictional Northend Airport, a small provincial airport which may lack a little in glamour, but still must abide by the same rules as larger international airports.

    The six part series follows the daily lives of the staff who work there and their relationships with each other. As well as the key cast members, special guests will make appearances and cameos across the series.

    Although he doesn’t appear in the series, executive producer of Borderline and brit comedy favourite Ralf Little makes a sneaky cameo in this new and exclusive scene released today.

    This scene is in addition to the series, a chance for audiences to meet the Borderline gang ahead of the 2nd August broadcast. In the scene we see boss Proctor trying to maintain Clive’s hair do and Ralf coming through customs with some unusual luggage…

    Borderline airs Tuesday 2nd August on Channel 5.

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