Big Brother: Laura Carter is evicted!


Laura has become the eighth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother 2016 house.


Tonight saw the last eviction before the final, in which Andy, Jackson, Laura and Jason all faced the chance of not making it through to the final.

At the start of the week it was Jackson, Laura, Jason and Jayne facing eviction this Friday but an eviction twist meant that Sam was forced to choose one housemate to save and choose a housemate to replace them with. Sam chose to save Jayne and replace her with Andy as he had immunity last week.

First to be saved tonight were Andy and Jackson causing an emotional response from Andy as both Andy and Jackson secure their place in Tuesday’s final.

But unfortunately, it was Laura who has missed out on a place in the final, with Jason making it into the final 7.

During her interview with Emma, Laura said:

“Obviously I wanted to stay in the final, but I was booed in the beginning and I’ve had ‘Get Laura Out’ from the beginning so I’ve done well considering”

Talking about Sam she said “We have a very close bond, and I would have though he would have saved me over Jayne as I didn’t realise he was as close to Jayne as that. I understand that he can’t process things in pressurised situations.”

“Andy nominated me for a bloody fish bowl, I thought we were really close”

“Sam and Alex have had a relatively easy time in there, I really like being around Alex though but I do feel Sam has had an easy ride in there”

Talking about Marco she said: “I am absolutely mortified, I can’t believe it happened. I think the reception I had when I went in it really affected me and Marco gave me attention. But it’s definitely the worst thing that has ever happened. Everyone makes mistakes.”

“I love Evelyn so much but I want Hughie to win”

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