Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Lee Evans 2014 Tour!

Lee Evans has finally announced his 2014 tour!

His tour MONSTERS will see Lee play in some of the biggest arenas in the country, in fact 50 OF THEM! Yes, 50…

Seems years since Lee has done a tour… and well his last tour was in 2011, called ‘Roadrunner’ where he played to loads of SOLD OUT Arenas to over 600,000 people!
The ‘Monsters’ tour starts on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at Bournemouth International Centre.

So when are tickets available?!
Tickets for Lee’s 2014 tour will be available Monday! (May 20 at 9am)

Don’t miss out! Tickets will sell out FAST!

If you can’t wait till Monday… Check out the video below of Lee’s last tour!
(You won’t stop laughing)

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