Big Brother 2016: Jason Burrill is the winner and Hughie Maughan is the runner up!


Jason has won Big Brother 2016 and Hughie leaves as the runner up as Big Brother comes to a close.


Weeks of confinement for the housemates has finally come to an end in the Big Brother 2016 live finale, hosted by Emma Willis. The longest serving of this year’s housemates discover which of them will emerge victorious as this year’s winner.

Only six housemates made it to the final: Evelyn Ellis, Jayne Connery, Jackson Blyton, Jason Burrill, Andy West and Hughie Maughan.

There’s only one winner, and this year they’ll take home £70,000.

Jayne Connery was the first housemate out of the six evicted tonight and has come in sixth place. Evelyn Ellis left in fifth place.

Andy West became the third out of the six to be evicted tonight and has come in fourth place whilst Jackson Blyton became the fourth out of the six to be evicted and has come in third place.

This left both Hughie and Jason to fight it out for the winner’s place and the £70,000.

In his interview with Emma, Hughie said:

“I’m incredibly happy to come this far, to be a runner up is absolutely incredible, I’m so happy for Jason”

“I turned it around by just being me, I just got through it.”

“I’ve been on a journey over these past few weeks, I’ve realised that I don’t have to let people get to me, it’s a TV show.”

“I’ve never met anyone like Ryan in my life, I would love to be with him on the outside.”

During Jason’s interview with Emma he said:

“I think my dad’s going to be very happy”

Talking about Charlie he said: “It was just another chapter, but hopefully we can be amicable, I don’t want any bad feeling”

“It is so tense in there, we could have grown stronger in there but I just hope she is OK”

“On the outside you have control of your own life, but in there you have no control there”

“Andy was a massive part of my experience, we sort of reversed roles a little bit.”

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