Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Work Hard, Play Hard! Far Too Far

As you may be aware, Far Too Far had promised a music video on their YouTube stream as soon as they reached 6,000 followers. They had tweeted to ask people to follow them many times and Farnatics joined in tweeting #GetFTFto6k. This week, the band reached their 6,000 follower target, keeping to their promise, released their cover on their youtube.FarTooFarInstagramPic1

The song that the FTF boys had covered was released and to everyone’s surprise, it turned out to be a mash-up of two songs, exciting. David Guetta’s song which is currently in the charts, Play Hard and Alice Deejay’s song Better Off Alone were fused together into a fabulous version and performed perfectly by Far Too Far themselves.

The video contains beautiful harmonies, stunning solos and even some messing around between the three of them. There were even some snap shots in there of funny faces in the lift!

Keen for feedback, Matt, Jamie and Jackson are asking for people and fans to share, subscribe, like and comment on their first cover to see how they could improve on the next one, or just relish is the compliments, all feedback is welcome. Friends and family were saying how good their cover was and one person who goes by the name of Aston Merrygold shared a tweet ‘nice Jacko! Liking it bruva’.

Other Events
In the busy schedule of Far Too Far, there have been some sleepovers, where the boys have been working on their songs and covers; some of these moments are shared on keek if you would like to take a look. There has been some moments of scare where Jamie has seen some strange bugs that he doesn’€™t like, including one on a car journey, oh dear! Matt found this highly amusing so he too put It on keek. Also, the boys have stayed over Jackson’€™s brother and sister-in-law (Marvin and Rochelle) house on the night where they shared their video with everyone.

If you haven’€™t yet seen the video, watch it below:

If you’€™d like to talk or follow the boys on their sites, details are below:
Twitter: @FarTooFarMusic @MrJacksonHumes @RollUpHills @JLC_88
Keek: @FarTooFarMusic @MrJacksonHumes @MattDFRTS @jamiecope397
Youtube: FarTooFarMusic
Instagram: @FarTooFarMusic @jcopemusic @mattdfrts @mrjacksonhumes

Remember, all feedback on their new video is welcome!

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