Big Brother 2016: Andy West still going to marry fiance Ed Hutton following ‘Grindr’ claims!


Andy West is still going to marry his fiance Ed Hutton following claims he was on Grindr looking for casual sex.


While Andy was in the Big Brother house there were claims that his marriage could be called off after reports surfaced claimed his husband-to-be Ed joined a gay dating app and asked a stranger for casual sex.

Andy revealed: “Ed and I woke up in each other’s arms this morning and I am so happy to be back with him in the real world.

“I can’t talk too much about what happened on Grindr because I haven’t read everything yet. But I am so happy to be back with him.”

It appears Andy isn’t fazed by the reports since leaving the house – But time will tell if it actually affects the wedding plans.

“I just love the idea of a Christmas wedding with a big tree. You know the weather is going to be s**t anyway so nobody will be disappointed!” Andy told The Mirror.

During one of the tasks inside the Big Brother house Andy came face-to-face with his boyfriend Ed, later they got engaged.

“Before Ed came into the house, I was worried I had lost him,

“I was paranoid that all my friends and my boyfriend and abandoned me because I came across as a d**khead on TV.” Andy admitted.

“I can’t tell you how desperate I was to hear his voice. It was such a relief to see him and realise I wasn’t insane – I was just surrounded by insane people!”

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