Ofcom are thinking whether to investigate Channel 4’s Naked Attraction!


    Ofcom are deciding whether to investigate Channel 4’s new show ‘Naked Attraction’ or not.


    ‘Naked Attraction’ is a dating show hosted by Anna Richardson in which two singletons choose a date from a selection of six naked people, who are revealed to them one body part at a time.

    They then whittle the candidates down until only one remains.

    In Monday’s first episode of the show, Aina, a music producer from London, wanted to find someone adventurous who she can have a deeper connection with, while Guildford-based designer Mal – who has dated men and women – was curious to see who she was drawn to when all options are laid bare before her.

    According to The Independent, Ofcom received 60 complaints from viewers about nudity and 17 about how the programme was degrading human relationships.

    A spokesperson told the newspaper: “Ofcom will assess the complaints received against the Broadcasting Code, which sets standards for the content of TV and radio programmes, before deciding whether to investigate or not,”

    The new dating show attracted 1.3 million viewers.

    The show allegedly (averaged) displayed five penises and two vaginas every minute.

    The Sun reports they saw 282 clips of male genitalia and 96 of female within the 48 minutes of broadcast.

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