Big Brother 2016: Andy West ‘DUMPS fiancé’ weeks after engagement!


Andy West and his fiancé Ed have reportedly split weeks after getting engaged in the Big Brother house.


During the last series of Big Brother, Andy’s then-boyfriend entered the house and proposed during a task.

While Andy was in the house Ed hit the headlines as it was reported he went on gay dating app Grindr looking for sex.

Andy wasn’t fazed after coming out of the house to those headlines, but now things have changed.

Andy’s friends have told The Sun newspaper he’s dumped Ed: “When he first came out of the house he had too much to process after over a month holed away with no contact with the outside world,

“But now he’s had time to think about everything, he is deeply, deeply embarrassed about the whole thing.”

They source added: “He’s also angry that Ed’s proposal went from an unforgettable TV moment to an indelible reminder of betrayal.

“Last night he took his engagement ring off – it’s over for good.”

During Andy’s exit from the house he told press: “I can’t talk too much about what happened on Grindr because I haven’t read everything yet. But I am so happy to be back with him.”

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