Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Biggins’ not-so-secret task is revealed!


Christopher Biggins’ not-so-secret task has concluded today with Big Brother revealing to him to housemates are in on it.

On launch night the public voted for Biggins to become Big Brother’s secret boss.

Biggins was told he’d have full control of nominations however this was a lie – The other housemates knew of Biggins’ secret mission and they had to try and become his next nomination.

Whoever Biggins’ nominated would actually be immuned from eviction on Friday.

Biggins nominated Saira Khan, Lewis Bloor and a third housemate which hasn’t yet been revealed.

Big Brother called the panto star to the Diary Room today to reveal the housemates were in on it.

Biggins responded: “You bast**d!”

“You’re housemates have been watching everyone and are watching this,” Big Brother revealed.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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