Gaz Beadle is quitting Geordie Shore!


    Gaz Beadle has announced he’s quitting Geordie Shore to move to Australia.


    As little as 18 months time, Gaz Beadle, 27, has decided he’s ready to quit Geordie Shore in favour of a life in Australia.

    Speaking to The Sun, having recently finished filming series 13, he said: “When I finish Geordie Shore… I will move to Australia.

    “It won’t be for a year or year and a half,”

    A source added to the paper: “Australia has always been his dream, the show is huge over there and everyone knows him.

    “His plan has always been to make as much money as he can over here and then move.”

    The Geordie Shore original star has left fans ‘devastated’ by his confession.

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