Big Brother’s Jackson Blyton claims he had fling with Rita Ora!


Big Brother’s Jackson Blyton has claimed since leaving the famous house he’s had a fling with Rita Ora.


Jackson has claimed he’s dated some big names, casually namedropping Hot Right Now singer Rita Ora in a recent conversation.

Jackson’s current ‘girlfriend’ Georgina Leigh Cantwell (former Big Brother housemate) may struggle to compete with the his famous ex.

In a recent interview with OK Magazine, he said: “I dated Rita for a couple of months, but it wasn’t anything serious.

“I will give Georgina a Cartier ring on a Louis Vuitton show. That’s what she wants. If she wanted the moon I would try my hardest to get her it.”

Jackson fell in-love with Georgina in the Big Brother house.

He said: “I made a lot of promises in that house to her and I want to fulfill all them promises.

“I want to treat her like how every over lad has not treated her. I want to make sure she is treated like the beautiful person I see in her. For me, that is all I’ve got plans to do.”

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