Friday, 29 September, 2023

Marvin Humes Announces International DJ Set Dates!

Since JLS split up, each member of the group are fulfilling their dreams alongside performing to MILLIONS on stage (and sometimes to the Queen!).

Marvin a.k.a DJ Marv is taking his DJ Sets INTERNATIONAL! Yes! IN-TER-NATIONAL!
But don’t worry UK residents! Marv will also be doing some DJ Set’s in the UK too!

The Official Dates:

23 June – Club Ice – Aiya Napa

1 July – Status Club Kos

7 July – Club Ice – Aiya Napa

15th July – Pacha Ibiza

24th July- BCM Square, Mallorca

28th July – Candy club, Malia

11 August – BCM Square, Mallorca

12th August – Pacha, Ibiza

21st August – BCM Square


We can’t take this much excitement! Ahhh!

If and when Marvin releases more DJ Set Dates, we’ll have all the latest!

Oh, yeah! Before we end the article we’d like to say a massive¬†CONGRATULATIONS to Rochelle and Marvin¬†who are now Mummy and Daddy to the beautiful Alaia-Mai Humes. <3

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