Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Chloe Kahn is the third housemate to be evicted!


Chloe Kahn has become the third housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house.


On Tuesday night, we saw Saira Kahn become the second housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house, leaving nominated housemates Bear, Heavy D and Lewis safe from eviction.

Following the eviction show, Big Brother gathered housemates on the sofas. Big Brother explained as a reward for surviving eviction, they and them alone had the power of nominations this week. Bear was over the moon, running around the living area and shouting: “In your face!” to the other housemates.

Bear went on to nominate Renee due to the negativity she brings to the house.

Lewis gave his killer nomination to James as he saw him as a threat in the house and was scared that he would get through to the final.

Heavy D was last to nominate and gave his killer nomination to Marnie, stating that he doesn’t believe that she is a nice person.

HOWEVER, as always with Big Brother, there is a twist. As part of this week’s shopping task, each housemate was asked if they want to play for themselves or for the house.

Renee decided to play for herself and earned herself the power of Save and Replace, so Renee no longer faces eviction.

Renee chose Chloe to take her place up for eviction on tonight’s show.

Marine was then called to the Diary Room where she chose to play for herself. She was given the choice whether she wanted to have the power of Save and Replace or have two housemates eat slop all day, however she was unfortunate and did not win the chance to Save and Replace.

James was then called to the Diary Room, where he chose to play for the house, and therefore remained up for eviction.

Therefore, Bear, Chloe, Marnie and James faced eviction tonight.

During tonight’s show, Emma revealed that we the two housemates who received the most votes, would be saved whilst the other two housemates will go head to head in a extremely high stake game with the loser being evicted.

Emma went on to reveal that the two housemates with the most votes and therefore safe from eviction are James and Bear.

Emma then made her way into the garden, where each housemate stood behind a podium, except from Marnie and Chloe.

“Your future in the house will be determined by one spin but the odds of your survival will decided by your housemates”

All of the housemates were given a picture of the both Marnie and Chloe and then had to choose which of these they wanted to leave the house and stick this picture onto the wheel of fortune.

Every housemate except from Bear chose they wanted Chloe to leave the house over Marnie.

Because James received the most votes, he got the chance to spin the wheel.

The wheel landed on Chloe and therefore she was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

During her interview with Emma she said: “Everyone was just bothered about what everyone else thought, but Bear was so real.”

About Renee she said: Renee was mad about Bear in the beginning, I was stuck between be friends with the girls or be real with Bear”

She said of Bear “You kind of forget there are cameras, things move quicker in the house than outside.”

“I think he is going to go worse without me, and I do think something could happen on the outside”

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