Big Brother tells Heavy D and Bear off after destroying the house following nominations!


Heavy D and Bear both vandalised the Big Brother house – They then got told off by producers and forced to clean it up.


In tonight’s show Bear and Heavy D receive a warning from producers.

During the day, Housemates were called to the Diary Room for this week’s nominations.

Big Brother has gathered Housemates on the sofa and screens the nominations of all to see.

Post nominations, Heavy D and Bear are in mischievous mood and throw various food stuffs about the House including olive oil, pasta and cereal.

Renee warns Housemate to “pay no attention…ignore the fool in the room.”

Big Brother calls Heavy D and Bear to the Diary Room separately.

They are both told that their actions are not appropriate and that they should clean up the mess they have created.

Watch this unfold in tonight’s show from 9pm on Channel 5.

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