Saturday, 25 January, 2020

Ferne McCann reveals her new nose on ITV’s This Morning!

Ferne McCann revealed her new look live on ITV’s This Morning today following recent surgery on her nose.


This Morning’s showbiz reporter explained to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford the journey she has been on throughout her life, and why she decided to make the change.

In a very open and honest account, Ferne revealed how lifelong insecurity and bouts of online trolling lead to her final decision. Speaking out ahead of the surgery, Ferne discussed the negative messages she has received in the past. “My nose is my insecurity and it’s the easiest thing for them to say… It hurts.”

Explaining her reasons for having the operation, Ferne admitted: “I’m not getting it done because I want to get closer to being beautiful. It’s not about that. It’s just something that I don’t like, and every day I look in the mirror, it knocks my confidence…”

Talking live in studio for the first time since making the change to her appearance, Ferne said, “It is subtle and I wanted it to be subtle… I didn’t want to change my whole face, that was one of my biggest fears. It was just I think one thing that has bugged me my whole life, especially when I was a teenager. I got teased at school – boys used to call me goose – and that made it become an insecurity.”

She added, “For me, when I look in the mirror, from the front it looks very similar to what it was before… but the profile, the bumps gone and it is completely different… Twitter trolls didn’t help, but I didn’t do it for them.”

Following Ferne’s recent doubts to change the way she was born for fear of upsetting her mum, This Morning got a message from Gill talking about her daughter. Gill said, “All I ever want as a mummy, is for Ferne to be happy and to enjoy her life to the fullest. So if this meant changing her nose slightly then so be it. I think she’s stunning. This won’t change Ferne as a person. I really admire her and support her courage to go through with this and she’s still my beautiful little girl and always will be.”

Getting emotional, Ferne said, “Me and my mum are so close, I’m her baby and I didn’t want it to upset her.”

Before adding, “It was a very considered decision… my first consultation was at 18, but I felt too young then. Some might see me as a role model in the public eye and I want to be completely open and honest… It’s not a decision to make light heartedly. Wait until you’re an adult. In the end, it was a personal thing and it was just a bump on my nose that I wanted to get removed, and I don’t know why I’m so emotional but I’m happy to be back.”

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