Saturday, 10 June, 2023


This morning, Far Too Far took to twitter to tell their fans some ‘breaking news’. Their new cover is going to be released today and the song choice was told – The Other Side which is the new song from Jason Derulo. Jackson, Matt and Jamie would like their Farnatics to trend #TheOtherSideFTF and if they do achieve the trend, a follow spree will be a reward, yaaay! Hope everyone is feeling excited about this cover!

Other FTF events
A lot has been happening over the past week for the boys. They’re cover of Play Hard + Better Off Alone seems to have been a hit and has received over 15,000 views in 14 days, wow! Many fans have given them feedback and they have responded to some.

Earlier this week Matt, Jamie and Jackson showed their faces on  #FTFtwitcam to give their Farnatics the latest gossip and news in the world of Far Too Far. There were a lot of laughs, jokes, cheesy chat-up lines and the fans all joined in with the antics.

Jackson became a proud uncle again when the news of his brother, Marvin and Rochelle had their baby girl, Alaia-Mai Humes. Everyone was so pleased for them and congratulations were given by many. Jackson told everyone on twitcam that his niece looked like him and they have the same eyes, how cute! We then saw a picture on instagram of Jackson and Alaia-Mai’s hands.

Matt has reached a massive 10,000 subscribers and 1million views on his very own YouTube channel, what an achievement! If you don’t know Matt’s YouTube, this is the link you need

The Far Too Far boys have been uploading many videos of them onto keek over the past few days, which are as funny as expected! They were playing football in a few of their keeks, but when losing the ball in a hedge, Jamie was too scared to go in and get it, causing Jackson to call him a chicken, poor Jay! Other keeks include; First FTF Shots, Name That Tune and Jackson Sleeping. You’ll find these on the group or individual keeks.

FTF Details
Twitter: @FarTooFarMusic @MrJacksonHumes @RollUpHills @JLC_88
Keek: @FarTooFarMusic @MrJacksonHumes @MattDFRTS @jamiecope397
Youtube: FarTooFarMusic
Instagram: @FarTooFarMusic @jcopemusic @mattdfrts @mrjacksonhumes

Help the boys trend #TheOtherSideFTF if you’d like a follow spree!

Keep an eye out later today for the new cover #TheOtherSideFTF – it will be a shame to miss it!

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