Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Staged scenes during live show out the show as FAKE!


Staged scenes during last night’s staged scenes have led to Celebrity Big Brother receiving accusations that the show is fake.


During last night’s live from the house on 5 Star, the housemates were all settling down to bed with Big Brother saying “This is Big Brother, finalists, goodnight.”

The Housemates were then seen to pretend to fall asleep, shutting their eyes but some held smiles on their faces.

However, just seconds later the lights went back on, to which Ricky Norwood commented “Great take guys, great take.”

Big Brother then made another announcement but this time in a less casual manner:

“So housemates, just listen to Big Brother again and err, Big Brother will just say to you that tomorrow is a really, really big day for all for you,” the voice said. “It’s going to start quite early and end very late at night.

“So what Big Brother would suggest is you all wash your teeth, wash, wash, washing your bodies… and then call it a night.”

You can watch the scene below:

Sharing their frustration, one CBB fan wrote: “When it comes down to it no part of the show should be scripted at all, that’s not the point of the show. It’s totally lost purpose.”

Another tweet said: “As if big brother has been outed as being scripted / fake, I’m so sad 🙁

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Celebrity Big Brother finishes tonight with the live final at 9pm on Channel 5.

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