Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Frankie Grande finishes in 6th place, Aubrey O’Day leaves in 5th place!


Frankie Grande has finished in 6th place and Aubrey O’Day has left the house in 5th place.


After weeks of confinement, the housemates can finally see the finish line as the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 final commences, hosted by Emma Willis. Tonight one of the housemates will emerge out of the house as the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 winner.

Only six of the housemates have made it to the final: Frankie Grande, Stephen Bear, Marnie Simpson, Renee Graziano, Aubrey O’Day and Ricky Norwood.

After 30 days in the house, there will only be one winner.

This series has seen a whole lot of drama with Bear driving the house into madness, as well as romance infatuating the house with true love between Lewis and Marnie and a fling between Bear and Chloe.

Frankie left the house to cheers, smiling and as always putting his saying “Shine bright like a Frankie” into practice.

During Frankie’s interview with Emma he said:

“I didn’t get to make it to the final in America and I got to make it this time, so i’m happy.”

“All my fanbase is in America and that’s why it is amazing i’m in the final”

“It is very game plan in America but in the UK it is more about who you like and who you don’t”

“My relationship with Bear walking out of the house, is one of my proudest achievement.”

“I try and fix, but Renee likes to let it eat away at her but i’m proud that I repaired my relationship with Bear.”

“I would like to see Renee win, but I think Bear will take the crown.”

Aubrey has skirted the public vote, as she formed a group in the house, which was headed by her and her best friend in the house Renee in opposition to her nemesis Stephen Bear.

During her interview with Emma, she said:

“It’s not easy to keep it real, but I figured out a way to do it.”

“Everything in that house is very draining, it’s very intense.”

“I have learnt patience, and forgiveness, of myself and my housemates.”

“Bear is very childish, I don’t think he is evil or the devil or anything. He likes to test people, and he can’t ever stay still.”

“Renee was close to my boyfriend, so we knew we would trust each other. She displays her emotions on her sleeve, but she is such a kind, warm and loving woman.”

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