Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Marnie Simpson finishes in fourth place and Renee Graziano leaves in third place!


Marine Simpson leaves Celebrity Big Brother 2016 in fourth place and Renee Graziano finishes in third place. 


After weeks of confinement, the housemates can finally see the finish line as the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 final commences, hosted by Emma Willis. Tonight one of the housemates will emerge out of the house as the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 winner.

Only six of the housemates have made it to the final: Frankie Grande, Stephen Bear, Marnie Simpson, Renee Graziano, Aubrey O’Day and Ricky Norwood.

But after 30 days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, there will only be one winner.

This series has seen a whole lot of drama with Bear driving the house into madness, as well as romance infatuating the house with true love between Lewis and Marnie and a fling between Bear and Chloe.

Earlier this evening, Frankie left in 6th place and Aubrey finished in 5th place.

Marine has been a fun spirited housemate, who’s time has been dominated by her relationship with Lewis Bloor.

During her interview with Emma, Marnie said:

“After all the negativity and hate I received from Geordie Shore, I never thought I would make it to the final”

“Lewis was my best friend in there, and when he left I was depressed, I felt like I had broken up wit him.”

“I want through a bit of a break down half way through, I was just overwhelmed by all of my feelings for him. He is the one 100%.”

“I think me and Lewis should go on holiday now.”

“I was never in the firing line with Bear and i’m very laid back so I think that’s why we got on.”

“I got on with everyone in there, I really didn’t think I would.”

Renee has been a true American housemate through out, defending her word and dominating the house with a powerful voice!

During her interview with Emma, Renee said:

“It was completely crazy, a lot of drama but there was also a lot of love.”

“The three of us Americans were very loyal, and that is the pivotal, without Aubrey I don’t think I could have done it.”

“Frankie was entertaining for everyone, and I commend him for that.”

“Bear and I are now on a good note. It went wrong when he decided to question my loyalty and I don’t play the Bear game.”

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