Friday, 29 September, 2023

Marvin Releases Old School 90’s Mixtape!

We all know Marvin releases mixtapes every 2 weeks! If you didn’t… You now know!

Marv’s latest mixtape he has released is Old School 90’s!
What should we expect? The good or bad from the 90s?

Marv said on twitter “your gonna hear tunes like… Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems – Diddy, U Know What’s Up – Donell Jones, Back & Forth – Aaliyah & U Make Me Wanna – Usher” But there is only ONE WAY to find out! Listen below!

Marvin uploads his mixtapes on MixCloud, an online DJ website. With OVER 8,500 followers on his profile! That’s pretty big…

He kept this one a secret, even though he had many requests on twitter for this specific mixtape!



So are you ready to hear it? OF COURSE YOU ARE!
Click Below:

Marvin’s Old School 90’s R&B Mixtape by Marvin Humes on Mixcloud

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