Frankie Grande responds to claims Celebrity Big Brother is scripted!


Celebrity Big Brother housemate Frankie Grande has responded to claims the reality show is scripted.


Earlier this week on 5 Star, the housemates were all settling down to bed, Big Brother said: “This is Big Brother, finalists, goodnight.”

The Housemates were then seen to pretend to fall asleep, shutting their eyes but some held smiles on their faces.

However, just seconds later the lights went back on, to which Ricky Norwood commented “Great take guys, great take.”

Big Brother then made another announcement about how the housemates needed to hurry up and get to bed as they had a busy day waiting for them, they announced housemates should brush their teeth, have a last minute cigarette and bed down.

This prompted huge outage across fans claiming the show is scripted and fake.

Frankie who was first to be evicted from the house during the finale on Friday evening has spoken out about the claims.

Frankie told the Independent: “Well, I mean, Big Brother is a show that is based in reality. I haven’t seen what you guys are talking about so I can’t really answer that specifically.

“It was definitely a real TV programme, but again – it’s a TV programme.”

He revealed that Big Brother didn’t give the housemates instructions but they did reveal some information: “[They would say], like, ‘go to the couches, sit down, we’re taking shots of you now for the live show – it’s a TV show, and it’s a game.”

Big Brother responded to the video above which promoted the huge speculation, they said: ”Footage shown on the live feed involved Big Brother alerting housemates of a long final day ahead.

“The show is entirely authentic and the housemates are not scripted.“

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