Rylan got stuck in a lift at ITV Studios for 45 MINUTES after Xtra Factor Live!


Rylan Clark-Neal got stuck in a lift at ITV Studios for almost an hour after wrapping up the launch show of Xtra Factor Live.


After a successful launch of Xtra Factor Live Rylan got stuck in a lift for 45 minutes.

Rylan was praised for his presenting skills with Matt Edmonson after last night’s Xtra Factor live.

Although it was all going well, it soon took a turn for the worst.

Rylan ended up trapped with the Xtra Factor crew in a lift – He took to Twitter to document the nightmare.

Nine people were stuck in the lift, which could hold the equivalent of (either) ‘one horse, 5,050 bananas, 6,666 hen eggs, 2,941 pigeons, 88 haddock or 10,526 pound coins’.

30 minutes in the stranded crew in the lift were waiting for a lift operator – That apparently never came.

“We might be doing Xtra Factor Live from the lift tomorrow,” Rylan joked.

Eventually after 45 minutes one of the show’s runners, who used to work for a lift company, helped the crew get out of the lift with a broom handle.

Rylan thanked fans for their support:

The Xtra Factor Live continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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