Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Will Young is injured!


Will Young has already been injured during training for Strictly Come Dancing 2016!


Will Young has become the first celebrity to be injured in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, which is quite an accomplishment, considering training has not even begun yet.

In fact, Will wasn’t even dancing when he received his injuring but he was injured by slipping over whilst having a cigarette.

Fellow celebrity contestant, Ed Balls, revealed:

“It’s touch and go whether Will will be able to make the first weekend”.

“I slipped on a step,” Will revealed to Digital Spy.

The singer joked: “It’s not as bad as I’m making out but I’m trying to get sympathy.”

Will added: “I’m just clumsy. I just tripped over a step. I think I was going out for a cigarette and I tripped over a step.”

Even without his injury, Will revealed he has been finding training tough:

“I keep on asking for breaks,” he said. “Every time they go, ‘Okay, we are going…’ I say, ‘Break? Break? No?’ They work us hard.”

“It doesn’t feel like a competition. And it’s not a talent show. It’s an experience – it’s like the Strictly experience.

“I think people talk about that – the chance to learn, that side of things. It would just be nice to learn as many dances as I can and not fall over steps.”

Strictly Come Dancing commences tonight at 6:50 on BBC One.

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