Are Celebrity Big Brother’s Chloe Khan and Big Brother winner Jason Burrill dating?!


Rumours are speculating whether Celebrity Big Brother’s Chloe Khan and Big Brother winner Jason Burrill are dating after they were spotted together.


According to the Daily Mail Newspaper, the pair were spotted “holding hands” and definitely were not afraid to “show affection towards each other in public”, the pair spent the night together until getting into a taxi at 4am.

This comes as quite a surprise as during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Chloe Khan got quite close to Stephen Bear, sharing quite a few kisses during their time in the house.

After his crowning of Celebrity Big Brother winner, Bear said:

“What is, is with Chloe,” Bear said after his CBB victory last month, “Nicest girl I’ve ever met in my whole life and who knows what it might bring? I don’t want anyone else for now, but I’m going to take it nice and slow.”

However, Chloe seemed to not reciprocate these feelings as she admitted she had some regrets about her time spent in the house:

“I wish I hadn’t have acted in certain ways because it didn’t exactly help the stories that came out

“But of course, I wasn’t to know about all the bulls**t that was being said.”

Chloe also addressed the rumours about the show being fake.

She concluded: “People think Big Brother is fake but it’s not. It’s real. A little too real. You have no idea what’s being said about you outside.”

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