Jamie Dornan talks about new role in biographical WWII thriller Anthropoid!


Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan met with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to discuss his new role in biographical WWII thriller Anthropoid on ITV’s This Morning.


Despite his role being part of a historic story, actor Jamie Dornan confesses, “I wasn’t a great student at school – history wouldn’t have been where my attention was heading.”

When asked if he always knew he’d go into acting, Jamie admitted, “When I was at school I was very lazy, it felt like I was there for different reasons than education in a way – I always knew I didn’t have the right attitude and temperament to work in an office environment.”

Before acting came along, Jamie revealed his previous, “I was modelling first, and worked in a pub in Knightsbridge.”

Agreeing that worldwide fame from ‘Fifty Shades’ can be a burden, Jamie said, “It can be, but that’s just one job… to me or any actor that is involved in any franchise, it is just another job and you move on to the next thing.”

On being a father of two children under the age of two, Jamie said, “It’s the most magical thing in the world. I’m a young father and I want to spend time with my kids so they come everywhere with me which we can afford to do at the moment before they start school.”

Explaining how the Belfast public could name a new bus after a famous Belfast person, Eamonn said, “It was whittled down between me and him! That was the opposition. Who you do think the great Belfast public voted to name the bus after? …It wasn’t me!”

Smiling, Jamie said, “It’s probably the most stoned bus in Belfast now I imagine seeing my mug on the backend of it!”

Teasing Eamonn replied, “I don’t look like the back end of a bus so that’s probably why it didn’t go to me!”

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