Wednesday, 7 December, 2022

Jenna Coleman reveals how she prepared for ITV’s Victoria!

ITV’s hit drama series Victoria gave This Morning’s Alison Hammond exclusive access to the set of the royal wedding scenes.


Talking to Alison, Jenna Coleman – who plays Queen Victoria – explained how she got ready for the role: “I read some books and went to Kensington Palace, there’s so much there.”

She added, “I’ve never been married on screen before – or in real life – so this is a first wedding! It takes me about two hours every day to get ready [for the scenes]. I quite like it, although horse riding in a corset is something new!”

Showing her flirty side to the soon to be married Prince Albert – played by Tom Hughes – Alison confessed that she liked his tight costume! Tom laughed, “I feel taller but it leaves nothing to the imagination! But thanks, you’re making me blush here…”

Giggling Alison replied, “Well I like this tight outfit I’ve got to be honest!”

Tom replied, “I’ll keep it then!”


Alison later confessed how Prince Charming wasn’t the only one ‘looking hot’ as she began talking to Rufus Sewell – who plays Prime Minister Lord Melbourne – she explained, “For a Prime Minister, Rufus Sewell is scrubbing up pretty well too!”

Smiling, Rufus explained the main thing he has learnt from filming the new drama. He said, “Thermals!” He explained, “It’s all about thermals, love… that’s what I’ve discovered during this job because we’ve been doing this in some very cold temperatures – and that is the one take away from this job… have I learnt anything about history and royalty? I learnt about thermals!”

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