Listen to Aston Merrygold’s new single here!


    Aston Merrygold’s new single  “I Ain’t Missing You” is here, listen below!


    Aston’s new single “I Ain’t Missing You’ will feel you with anticipation for his forthcoming debut album, as he demonstrates his new electrifying sound, with a seamless progression from his debut release “Get Stupid”

    While still grounded firmly in contemporary pop, the single also displays Aston’s diverse musical influences, alongside his love for dance and electro music.

    Aston explains, “”I’m excited for this new chapter. I’ve been locked in the studio for a while now! It’s been interesting creating different music, tracks that sit in different lanes to one another”.

    Aston has already enjoyed success as part of the pop phenomenon JLS, who secured their place in the history of boybands.

    However, Aston is on his own now and ‘I Ain’t Missing You represents Aston’s doubtless remarkable new future. “Now everything rests on my shoulders,” he adds, “It’s my success or it’s my failure. I’m so ready for this, and for people to see what I’m about and what I can do.”

    Aston enjoyed success with his debut hit ‘Get Stupid’, with the track being recognised all over the world, with a particular highlight being Aston’s show- stopping performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

    Aston’s main creative collaborators on the forthcoming album were one-man hit machine Edwin “Lil’ Eddie” Serrano (Usher, Jessie J) and Talay Riley (Ellie Goulding, Iggy Azalea). In addition, songwriting duo Karen Poole and Sonny J. Mason also made several vital contributions to the collection, as did his former JLS associate Steve Daly.

    The roots of the album mostly lay in his childhood influences – Michael Jackson, James Brown, Usher and Justin Timberlake – but also in his lifelong dream “to make my own type of music and make my own decisions.”

    Watch Aston Merrygold’s new single “I Ain’t Missing You” below:

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