The BBC and Channel 4 have had a big row over GBBO!


    Today has climaxed in a row between BBC One and Channel 4 over the Great British Bake Off, possibly the worse one to date.


    As the world begins to settle from the uproar of the move of the Great British Bake Off from BBC One to Channel 4, the two channels have got into a HUGE argument.

    Today, BBC’s Secretary of Strategy, James Purnell took a dig at Channel 4:

    “We feel Channel 4 should clearly be less regulated, because they’re not taking public money, but I think there’s now a question to look at about whether the balance is right,” he commented.

    Talking about Channel 4’s “Born risky” ethos, he said:”I think there’s real questions about whether Bake Off qualifies for that, and I think you have given ammunition to people who want to privatise Channel 4.”

    However, it should not be thought that Channel 4 just stood and accepted it, Channel 4’s Chief Creater Officer, Jay Hunt pointed out that Bake Off’s producers, Love Productions, chose to leave BBC.

    “Channel 4 has existed from the very beginning by operating a very effective cross-subsidy model. Bake Off will be part of that strategy,” she said.

    “I understand how painful it is to lose franchises, but let’s be utterly clear, this is an independent producer who after three years of an increasingly dysfunctional relationship decided they would no longer make the show for you.

    “If I was at the BBC, I would be thinking long and hard about how that situation had arisen.”

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