Comedy Central viewers vote Ross as their favourite Friends character!


    Comedy Central UK has announced that Ross is the nation’s favourite Friend after viewers took to Twitter to cast their vote following an epic six weeks of FriendsFest.


    During FriendsFest, Comedy Central showcased the Friends characters’ most memorable moments in iconic episodes from the hugely popular TV show. Showdowns included Monica V Rachel, Joey V Chandler and even Girls V Boys, but it was Ross who reigned supreme with 25.6% of the votes, followed by Friends funny man, Chandler, in very close second with 25.4% of the votes.

    Viewers voted in their thousands and with just a handful of votes between the boys, everyone’s favourite palaeontologist came out on top. Ross is a worthy winner with unforgettable moments including his leather trousers, his tan, teaching Phoebe and Rachel about ‘Unagi’, unsuccessfully moving a sofa with the simple command PIVOT, and who can forget… “WE WERE ON A BREAK!”.

    The results of the vote come after a hugely successful six week FriendsFest tour, in partnership with The Luna Cinema, which saw over 60,000 fans and celebs treated to new recreated sets from the hit show including Monica and Rachel’s apartment, Central Perk, Monica’s Moon Dance Diner and a Silent Disco.


    The sell-out Friends outdoor festival had its fair share of surprises, including a FriendsFest baby, which was born the morning after the mother-to-be learnt the steps to Monica and Ross’s infamous dance routine in the Silent Disco. There were also some surprise proposals at the festival with six Friends-loving couples becoming engaged at the event.

    The Friends extravaganza has seen 700 umbrellas used to ‘recreate the title sequence’ and 112 people on stage as part of the largest Smelly Cat Karaoke choir. The event even prompted some super-fans to attempt to take a piece of the sitcom home with them, with 4 mugs pinched from Central Perk and one (ambitious) fan trying to take away Monica’s fridge showing just how hugely popular this show remains in the UK.

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