The X Factor 2016: Emily Middlemas is not happy with Simon Cowell!


X Factor contestant Emily Middlemas has revealed she is not happy with her mentor, Simon Cowell.


The heart of this tension lies in Simon Cowell’s song choices for young Emily Middlemas.

This comes after Simon swapped Emily’s song choice last minute in the first week of the series, and Emily has admitted she was not even happy with the last minute song.

Emily admitted to OK! Magazine this week: “I wasn’t [happy with my song] the first week.

“My track got changed by Simon at the last minute and it just didn’t feel like me.”

She went on: “I wish we’d stuck to my original track. I can see why Simon changed it, he wanted me to do something that was more young and in the charts.”

However, despite this negativity she has admitted that she probably would not try and stand against Simon’s decisions in the future.

Explaining this statement, she said: “Simon has been in this industry for years so he knows what he’s doing.”

However, this is not the first incidence of Emily revealing she is unhappy with Simon’s song choice as she previously revealed she was desperate to do an upbeat song for Diva week, and wanted the opportunity to actually move around the stage.

“I’ve been stuck, the first one I was in a cage and the second one I was in a circle,”

Unfortunately, her hopes were not met as she ended up singing Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know for Diva Week, which involved just as little movement as her previous performances.

After her performance, on Xtra Factor, Emily confessed her performance was not everything she wanted it to be.

“I really wanted to [sing an upbeat song] this week but I guess I kind of have to take Simon’s words,” Emily told hosts Matt Edmondson and Rylan Clark-Neal on ITV2’s Xtra Factor.

However, don’t worry, Emily and Simon have a good relationship despite their disagreements on song choices as she called him the “nicest guy ever.”

“He’s really fussy with me because he knows the direction he wants me to go in, so if one little thing is wrong, we’ll change it,” she said.

The fourth live show of The X Factor commences at 8pm tonight on ITV.

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