Friday, 29 September, 2023

Far Too Far:€“ A Super Band

Our favourite Far Too Far boys have reunited this weekend and asked Farnatics if they would like a twitcam at some point over the weekend, they have later tweeted fans telling them the twitcam will be on Tuesday evening woohoo. We know there will be a lot of jokes, banter, questions and answers involved, but there also might be a performance or two ;)€ by the boys themselves, wonder what they might do. Make sure you tune in to see! FTF have a little hashtag for the twitcam, where everyone could try and trend by tweeting #FTFTwitcamTuesday which also tells people who don’€™t know about the twitcam when to clear their diaries for.

Keek and Instagram
There have been many keek updates in the past few weeks of the boys messing about, making fun of each other and just having fun. This causes the Farnatics to take to twitter to tell them how weird yet funny they are for all the things they post!
Instagram images have been uploaded of Matt, Jackson and Jamie together in what looks like a photo shoot. They all look incredible, if I do say so myself. If you haven’t seen these pictures, the link you need is here:

Jamie’s Birthday!!!
As you may be aware, our very own Mr Jamie Cope has a birthday later this week, Sunday 16th June. If you want to wish him a happy birthday, make sure you do on twitter. As a little present for him, we could even start a little hashtag on his birthday, which I think all Farnatics should join forces and come up with one to trend, I’€™m sure Jackson and Matt will help as well!

Next Cover
The last cover The Other Side proved a good choice with fans and Jackson, Matt and Jamie received a lot of warming feedback. Two great covers in a row, wonderful! We know there will be another cover with us very soon, although we’€™re not sure of the day, we know it’€™s something to look forward too!

Far Too Far are far too close yet far too far away from 7,000 followers on twitter and we’€™d all really like to see them reach this milestone. They keep tweeting, as do fans, using the hashtag #FTFto7K, so if you were to tweet that, everyone would be thankful and every tweet and follower helps!

We seem to also have three superheroes in the band, in fact, we may as well just refer to them as superheroes from now on, Matt as Spiderman, Jamie as Superman and Jackson as Batman.

FTF Details
Twitter: @FarTooFarMusic @MrJacksonHumes @RollUpHills @JLC_88
Keek: @FarTooFarMusic @MrJacksonHumes @MattDFRTS @jamiecope397
Youtube: FarTooFarMusic
Instagram: @FarTooFarMusic @jcopemusic @mattdfrts @mrjacksonhumes

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