I’m A Celebrity 2016 Spoilers: First Bushtucker Trial, Skydive and Jungle Storm!


The Celebrities Automatically Face A Bushtucker Trial


Ant & Dec had news for the five celebrities at the luxury villa, and it wasn’t good. They told them they’d all be facing the first Bushtucker Trial of the series.

“However, there is good news, you each have a lifeline. You’re about to meet the remaining five celebrities who are going to compete to save you from that first Bushtucker Trial” said Dec.

A large TV screen is revealed in front of the celebrities and they were each given a buzzer to press as they watched footage of each remaining celebrity.

Ant said: “You each need to pick one celebrity to complete on your behalf. Press your button, whoever does it quickest claims that celebrity. If no one presses their button, we return to that celebrity at the end.”

“Whoever you pick will face a ‘Saviours Challenge’ to try and save you from that first Bushtucker Trial – so choose wisely.” said Dec.

The five celebrities made their choices from the celebrities on offer – each hoping they’d save them from a Bushtucker Trial.

Ant told the five celebrities they’d now be known as the ‘Çity Celebs’ and the other five would be called the ‘Jungle Celebs’. The Jungle Celebs arrived at the luxury villa to meet the others for the first time.

Dec stopped the introductions and said ‘But we haven’t told you everything.”

“You the Jungle Celebs will also be facing a Bushtucker Trial and the only person that can save you is your new partner, so essentially, you’re trying to save each other.” said Ant.

The Jungle Celebs and the City Celebs each went off to do their ‘Saviours Challenge’.

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