I’m A Celebrity 2016 Spoilers: First Bushtucker Trial, Skydive and Jungle Storm!


Larry The Hero

Actor Larry Lamb and TV star Scarlett Moffat were flown by helicopter to a clearing by a lake. They learnt that as their saviours’ challenge, they would have to canoe into the jungle and paddle across the lake to a pontoon on the far side.

“I’m really regretting my choice of outfit” said Scarlett as she ran through the clearing in a silky dress.

“I’ve been on a pedalo but that’s where my skills start and end”.

Larry took to the canoeing like a natural although Scarlett was a little less confident in her paddling abilities. The two paddled through the lily filled lake to reach the pontoon where they could disembark. Both canoes started to take on water but Larry managed to reach the pontoon before his canoe sank.

Scarlett wasn’t so lucky and her canoe sank mid-way through the trip prompting Larry to do his best Baywatch impression and swim out to rescue her.

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