I’m A Celebrity 2016: Danny Baker is the first celebrity to leave!


Danny Baker has become the first celebrity to leave I’m A Celebrity 2016, as the Claim of Thrones twist comes to an end.


During the past week, the celebrities have been taking part in the Claim of Thrones twist, with campmates battling out for one of four thrones, which, amongst many other privileges, would earn them immunity from the first public vote.

Earlier on this week, all campmates competed in a task of withstanding 5 minutes in a confined space with a host of jungle critters. The four celebrities to access their ball and let it free would earn themselves a place on one of the four thrones and a place in the luxury camp of Snake Rock.

As a result of this task, Martin Roberts, Adam Thomas Sam Quek and Wayne Bridge won themselves a throne and a place in Snake Rock.

However, viewers voted for Adam and Martin to defend their thrones in Bush Brewery, whilst campmates back in the main camp chose Ola to challenge Martin for his throne, and Joel to challenge Adam.

These four campmates had to drink a selection of gruesome drinks, including ‘Ham-stel’ (blended pig penis) and ‘Strong-toe’ (blended camel hoof). Both head to heads resulted in a tie breaker, with Ola confidently confidently necking the drink whereas Martin was sick everywhere. Therefore, Ola won Martin’s throne and a place in Snake Rock. However, Joel failed to beat Adam, and therefore Adam retained his position on his throne.

Last night, it was revealed that the public had chose Wayne Bridge and Adam Thomas to defend their thrones in tonight’s ‘Gates of Hell’ trial. As a result of this, Sam and Ola were safe from elimination.

Over in main camp, the subjects chose Lisa to challenge Adam for his place on the throne, and Scarlett to challenge Wayne for his throne.

In the Gates of Hell trial, the two opponents had to work their way through a series of gates, with each compartment containing different jungle critters and a lot of gunge!

Both Adam and Wayne defended their titles and places on the thrones. Therefore, Sam, Ola, Adam and Wayne were all immune from the first public vote and the rest of the campmates faced the first public vote.

Ant and Dec then entered the camp to announce that Danny Baker would be the first celebrity to leave I’m A Celebrity 2016.

During his interview he said “I love this show, and the experience couldn’t have exceeded my expectations because they were so high.”

“Martin hadn’t seen much of the show, and thought it was a rival show, but now he realises we are a team”

I’m a Celebrity returns tomorrow night at 9:50pm on ITV.

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