Honey G signed just a week after being kicked off The X Factor!


Simon Cowell has signed Honey G to his record label just a week after she was kicked off The X Factor 2016.

Honey G has been signed to Simon Cowell’s label SYCO before the winner of The X Factor 2016 has.

ONE week after being eliminated from the competition, Simon Cowell called Honey G to offer her a record deal. Nope this isn’t a joke.

Honey G confirmed the news on social media, she wrote: “I am ecstatic to announce I have been Signed by SYCO, Simon Cowells record label and will be releasing my first single on 23rd December.”

The winner of The X Factor 2016 has yet to sign their record deal.

Viewers slammed The X Factor last night after allowing Honey G to perform on Saturday’s X Factor Final as a ‘special guest’.

Honey G received an overwhelming amount of boo’s during Saturday’s X Factor final.

One viewer said: “Well if X Factor wasn’t already a joke, then Honey G returning to promote her single on semi-finals night has made it even more of a joke.”

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