Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Brandon Block second housemate to be ‘rushed to hospital’!

Brandon Block has been rushed to Hospital, he’s the second Celebrity Big Brother housemate to temporarily leave the house.


In scenes that weren’t aired, Brandon Block visited Hospital on Thursday that complaining about ‘chest pains’.

Brandon reportedly complained to Big Brother producers that he felt unwell, The Daily Star reports.

The reality star was treated by on-site medical staff, but they were unable to diagnose the problem, so he was taken to hospital.

A source told the paper: “Brandon wasn’t well at all. It was pretty serious.

“He immediately saw the medics that were on standby at the house.

“But there were concerns his condition could worsen and could even become critical so it was decided he needed to go to hospital.”

Big Brother producers are now keeping a keen eye on the star while he’s in the house.

Channel 5 declined to comment on the incident.

One half of Jedward were the first to be taken to hospital following a nasty fall during Friday’s show.

Edward fell off the main stage during Friday’s show which saw the twins enter the house, later that night he fell again off (again) a mini stage in the garden, the performance was to mark their entrance.

Edward visited Hospital shortly after.

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