Saturday, 1 April, 2023

Far Too Far: The Boys Are Back In Town

What’s Been Happening?

The boys have taken separate routes for the past few weeks, with Matt going off to Mallorca for two weeks in the sun where he felt deprived of internet and didn’t know if he’d be able to tweet much throughout the holiday. This wasn’t really an issue anyway as he didn’t need to tweet much when having a break!

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Jackson then jetted off to Ibiza with a few friends where he tweeted a picture of the sunset, not what you expect from an Ibiza holiday, but then later redeemed himself by putting a few snaps and videos of parties he had been to.

While these two were soaking up the sun and enjoying life abroad, Jamie was still in the UK tweeting all of the Farnatics and keeping them up to date. There was a twitcam from Jamie, joined by Hannah (Jannah), where they talked, danced, had an ABB OFF and Jamie did a topless caterpillar dance. Lots of jokes were made and everyone watching had a great night of entertainment. The dancing included some old songs such as Busted which was appreciated by a lot of people!

In the world of YouTube, Far Too Far’s cover of Play Hard/Better off Alone has now reached over 50,000 views, which the boys have tweeted in delight saying ‘over 50k on play hard. Guys honestly we love all this support so far..’ and there are over 23,000 views on their version of The Other Side – wow!

Near Future Plans

The boys have been hinting towards a few exciting things ahead recently and I think it’s safe to say there will soon be a reunion twitcam from all our favourite boys as they join forces again, a new cover which seems obvious from the tweet ‘…Things are getting exciting. Who wants a new cover soon?’ and even more excitement, there have been quite a few hints towards a ‘big announcement’ to be told.

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