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Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Danielle Lloyd denies offer for showdown with Jamie O’Hara!

Danielle Lloyd has rejected an offer by Big Brother bosses to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house for a showdown.

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Model Danielle Lloyd was recently approached by Big Brother bosses with an offer to return to the house.

Big Brother bosses are hoping that Danielle said accept the offer so she can bring some “seriously dramatic TV” to the current series of Celebrity Big Brother

They were hoping for a showdown between Danielle and Jamie.

An insider told The Sun: “CBB producers have approached Danielle’s management to ask her to go into the house.

“With Jamie in there and him talking a lot about their relationship they clearly think she will want to set the record straight.

“The approach has been made and her management are discussing it, but Danielle might not want to keep involved.”

Sadly it now looks like Danielle has rejected the offer.

Danielle said this week: “Everyone has been begging me to go back in, “There were discussions, but it would cause more problems. Jamie’s face would be a picture. It’s not even about the money.”

“I think [Jamie’s] gone in there trying to make people feel sorry for him for having no money and implying that his ex-wife takes it all.

“But no, Jamie, you messed up, you cheated, that’s your responsibility. Accept what you did was wrong and move on.

She added to OK! Magazine: “Jamie forgets I had my own money and career before him.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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