This is the reason why Nicola McLean covered her eye during CBB row with Kim Woodburn!


Was Nicola McLean physically assaulted during an explosive row in the Celebrity Big Brother house? No, no she wasn’t.

Kim and Nicola.

Nicola McLean has been pictured covering her eye following an explosive argument in the Celebrity Big Brother house with Kim Woodburn.

Kim Woodburn was later removed from the house by security.

During the huge argument Nicola was covering her eye, a spokesperson for Big Brother told The Mirror: “She was trying to remove her contact lenses at the time. She was in the middle of doing so when the argument broke out. She was just trying to take out her contacts.”

After the verbal bust-up with Kim, Nicola told Big Brother in the Diary Room: “Big Brother, I’m going home now,

“Don’t f*****g talk me down, I’m going home now.”

“I promise I don’t want Jamie to lose his s**t and come across badly for my expense, I really really don’t,”

Kim and Nicola.

The source added: “Nicola wanted to leave the house but she’s fine now – she has decided to stay,

“The housemates took part in a shopping task today dressed as superheroes and everybody was fine.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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