Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Chloe Ferry evicted!


Chloe Ferry has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house after a shock twist.

Chloe Ferry has been evicted from the CBB house after Stacy Francis put her up for eviction.

Following a nominations twist, the fifth housemate to be evicted is Chloe Ferry.

Kim Woodburn, Jedward, Chloe and Coleen Nolan faced eviction tonight, Coleen was saved.

In the latest shopping task the housemates had to work in pairs.

Concluding the task, the final test was loyalty, the pairs battled for immunity from tonight’ eviction.

The pairs were split into separate rooms, Big Brother told the housemates the first person in each pair to press their button first would win immunity – The other who failed to press in time, or didn’t at all would face eviction.

Stacy pressed her button but Chloe didn’t, therefore Stacy was safe and Chloe faced eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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