Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Jamie O’Hara told Danielle Lloyd about CBB one day before he entered!

Danielle Lloyd has revealed that Jamie O’Hara told her about Celebrity Big Brother ONE DAY before he entered the house.

Model Danielle Lloyd has revealed that her ex Jamie O’Hara told her about CBB a day before he entered.

Jame is Danielle’s ex-husband and father of her children – She was married to Jamie for two years.

Danielle told ‘Showbiz’ Simon Gross on his YouTube show: “All I care about is my children, they are my main concern, it is hard but I am just trying to get with it and still be positive.

“He just told me the day before. Obviously I know about Big Brother – I have experienced it before, I know how it can turn your life around and it can be the most fantastic thing.

“But I didn’t have any children when I went in there but I have grown so much since then and I have my kids now and obviously all my experiences throughout my past are going to be able to help me raise them.”

Danielle touched on Nicola McLean in the interview, she said: “We have never been the best of friends, obviously we are acquaintances. We have done a lot of WAG work together if that’s what you want to call it so we have done jobs together.”

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