Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Bianca’s boyfriend claims he was planning to propose!


Bianca Gascoigne’s boyfriend has broken the silence after his girlfriend’s actions in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 House.

Bianca and Jamie.

During her time in the Celebrity Big Brother House, Bianca Gascoigne has enjoyed a love story with fellow housemate Jamie O’Hara. However, audiences watched in shock as Bianca was in a relationship with CJ Meeks before she entered the house.

Even when Jamie found out about CJ, he continued to show his affection towards Bianca.

CJ has remained silent about his girlfriend’s actions in the house, up until now.

In an interview with The Sun Newspaper he revealed: “Bianca was everything to me, she was my best friend, I thought she was going to be the mother of my children, but she’s ruined it all – and what for, Jamie O’Hara?”

“Bianca was always asking me, ‘Where’s my ring?’ Lots of our friends were getting engaged and I had it all ready for her. I said when she came home to me the diamond was waiting for her – that was the plan,” he explained.

CJ has made it clear that he is not planning to try and make it work with Bianca: “She will not get the pleasure of speaking to me again.”

He also spoke about Jamie: “I have nothing to say to him other than he’s welcome to her and good luck – he’s going to need it because she’s a wrong’un.”

He added: “Bianca did all this for fame and a bit of money and Instagram followers. I don’t hate her. I almost feel sorry for her. She had something so good and now she’s lost it all.”

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