Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Far Too Far: Unkown Man, Reveal Yourself

Far TWO Far?

A lot has happened in the world of Far Too Far over the past week, including some drama!

The boys took to twitter after a few rumours of the band splitting up to inform fans that the band weren’t going their separate ways, but former band member Matt Defreitas was indeed going solo. Does this mean there will only be two members remaining?

Jamie took to the group twitter to explain what was going on, saying “..So yes Matt has left the group..but..we have a new member so all is still good..”. Meanwhile, Matt took to his original twitter, tweeting fans “So you’ve probs heard the news..if you want to do what you love then you should fully enjoy i. If you don’t then there’s something wrong!.. The boys are greatand the new guy is sick. It just wasn’t for me and I hope you guys are cool with that..Love you guys forever x”.

So, as it seems, the boys are still friends, but to achieve their goals, they have to make their own choices in life on what path to take! There is a new member joining so there will be three members in the band, not just Jackson and Jamie.

Mystery Member

Jamie and Jackson were going to reveal all on a twitcam on August 24th, with the new member. However, so it wasn’t such a long wait, they decided it would be a good idea for Farnatics to get to know the new member, without knowing his name, who is he etc.

They tweeted “Shall I let the new member tweet you all???? Off this account, You still not knowing who he is!!:P” which is what ended up happening! Mr Unknown later said “Ok so…. Hey guys :D… ?? Xx” He then went on speaking to their fans for a while, answering questions that wouldn’t give too much away about him.

New Member Revealed

Obviously their patience was running a little short, as the boys decided to give the name of the new member as long as the fans did something for them! “…Get this to 30 retweets and will be revealed” and in true Farnatic style, there were 30 within minutes and the name was soon to be told. There was a drumroll, then a new tweet “Ok FARNATICS you got me!!! No more Bob! My real name is Matt!…” – Another Matt you say? YES!

The boys are all so excited to start work with eachother, and with the support of all Farnartics, they will be able to be as successful as they want to be. For the twitcam which will still go ahead on 24th August, Far Too Far would like #WelcomeMattJTerry to trend!

You can follow Matt on his twitter and Instagram, details to follow bellow!

Come Back soon for more FTF news.

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