Monday, 5 June, 2023

Girls Aloud’s Member Nadine Coyle Announces Baby News!

Nadine Coyle from band Girls Aloud took to her Instagram account early this morning to announce the delightful news that she is expecting a baby, the first member of the group to be with child.

Uploading a picture of herself, looking over thrilled and the writing ‘I’m having a baby. Xx’ placed across the image is the way Coyle told the world about her, I think a congratulations is in order!

Instagram Picture

At 28 years old, expecting her first child, you may be sat asking yourself ‘who is the father?’ – well, it has come to light that she may be back in a relationship with previous partner and American footballer, Jason Bell, as they were spotted together earlier in the year. It wouldn’t be too much as a surprise, as HeatWorld said “the pair dated for three years” and were of course engaged during that period of time!

I’m sure we will see many more exciting pictures and stories on Nadine becoming a mum in the near future, but for now, massive congratulations are to be said for pop star Nadine!

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