Monday, 5 June, 2023

JLS’ Video Message To Fans 5 Years Later!

Can You Remember 5 Years Ago Today?

That’s right, five years ago today; four boys went on X Factor where they received an impressive four yeses from the judges! Since then, they have gone on to release number 1 albums, singles, books, DVDs and sell out tours, as well as winning an unbelievable amount of awards. Thanking all the JLSters, JLS HQ shared a YouTube video of our boys speaking about the last 5 incredible years they have given us and we have given them.

JB began speaking by saying how much they hope the fans are enjoying looking at their JLS memories timeline on the website and how they have loved seeing the memories being shared too! Oristé went on to say 5 years ago, when they had the reaction they deserved from the talent show, their ‘dreams came true’. Each boy looked happy yet with a glimmer of emotion showing through when recalling over the past few years of being together. Marvin was being appreciative on behalf of all members for the love and support they have been given because without us, none of it would have been possible. He went on to say it was all love from our boys and Aston finished off the speech with a short and sweet ‘thank you guys’. The video came to an end with kisses being blown and smiles, what a look back over an impressive five years!

As there are only a few months remaining for JLS, we’re all hoping they can be the best few months possible, with a single, book, album, tour, award nominations; we would like to make their success grow until the very last minute!

If you want to send in your JLS memories, you can do so by emailing [email protected]

However emotional it is to know the boys are going their separate ways at the end of the year, it is so warming to know how much has been achieved and how appreciative our four boys are and always will be of what their JLSters have done for them!

So, here’s to a great few months of more success and incredible memories! Don’t forget to tweet your boys and use the hashtag #5YearsOfJLS – meaning you can thank them or just say how proud you are of them.

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