Friday, 29 September, 2023

Tom Daley Shares His A-Level Results!

19 year old Team GB diver Tom Daley has got his A-Level results back this week, along with all of the other A-Level students in the UK!

Being the amazing but very beautiful smarty pants that he is, Tom got STRAIGHT A’s! He tweeted:


TwitCelebGossip would love to congratulate Tom Daley on his BRILLIANT grades!

Tom also posted a video on keek about his results. He described the experience of getting his results through email  “The most nerve wrecking thing ever” (Wasn’t the London Olympics scary enough for you Tom?!) He told his  570,000+ keek followers that he was very happy with the result, and he will never have to go to school ever again! Lucky him!

Check out the Keek video here!

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Do you LOVE Tom Daley? What did you get in your A-Level results? Tell us below in the comments! Don’t forget to share!

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