Sunday, 28 May, 2023

Tich – Obsession Out Now!

After her success of her debut single “Dumb”, Tich has released another amazing song to feast our ears on!

This time it’s called “Obsession” and it’s about a boy who Tich was funnily enough, obsessed with! She couldn’t stop thinking about him all the time, and Tich even stalked his facebook and twitter profiles when she was bored! It’s a very catchy summer tune, which will have you up and dancing on the dance floor in no time at all!

Obsession is out now, and it is already at no45 in the iTunes Charts! That’s without much radio and music channel play, so TCG are ever so proud of this little lady!

Tich even tweeted, that if Obsession gets into the top 20, she will pour four pints of milk over her head, and post a video! Not sure what lead you to that decision Tich, but we’ll go along with it!

Buy Obsession here: 


Watch the official music video below:

Are you as big fan are we are of Tich? Have you bought Obsession? Let us know and leave your comments below! Don’t forget to share to all your friends!

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