Spencer Matthews in agony as he dislocates his shoulder in crash on The Jump!


Spencer Matthews has been videoed in agony has he dislocated his shoulder during a terrifying crash on The Jump.

Spencer Matthews has become the latest celebrity to seriously injure himself on Channel 4’s The Jump.

The Made In Chelsea star, who has previously revealed he has ‘amazing’ skiing skills, has badly injured himself.

Spence has been caught on camera trying to avoid a crash into a fellow skier, but in the process crashing into a barrier and badly injuring himself.

Spencer said: “I dislocated my shoulder… My shoulder popped clean out. It’s gone back in though.”

“Those nets work. I always look at the red nets and I’m like they’re mental they’re never going to stop anyone…

“If that wasn’t there I’d be in the snow cross course.”

This isn’t the only injury The Jump this year has seen.

Vogue Williams was forced to quit the show before it even began after she injured her knee during a training incident.

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