Has Scarlett Moffatt just revealed who Saturday Night Takeaway’s ‘maskface’ is?!


    Scarlett Moffatt may have just ruined Saturday Night Takeaway’s drama ‘The Missing Crown Jewels’.

    ‘The Missing Crown Jewels’ is a running drama for this season of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV.

    The drama follows Geordie duo Ant and Dec on their quest to safely return the stolen Crown Jewels before ‘maskface’ becomes the next King/Queen of the UK.

    There has been much speculation on who ‘Maskface’ really is, firstly everyone pointed their finger at David Walliams, but he has since denied that he is the villain.

    Scarlett who is now part of the Takeaway team may have just spoilt the drama, in a tweet which was swiftly deleted today (1st April) the Gogglebox star posed with the script – The script had a list of cast members on, and it showed the identity of maskface.

    TwitCelebGossip managed to recover the deleted tweet*:

    According to the script ‘Maskface’ is… MARY BERRY! Can you believe it?!

    We contacted ITV for comment, and they responded: “Can’t really comment on that I’m afraid.

    “Viewers will just have to wait and see.

    The spokesperson continued: “Annoying that the picture went out though, today of all days…”

    In last week’s episode viewers saw mysterious Maskface almost kill the presenting duo with a deadly laser.

    In this weekend’s episode the mystery heightens as Ant and Dec get ever closer to determining who stole The Missing Crown Jewels?

    Maskface finds his, or her, way to the Honoured HQ before capturing Joanna Lumley and Emilia Fox and asking them to ‘put your hands in the air…and wave them round like you just don’t care.’

    And having been presented with a laser jamming device by Michael Sheen in the last instalment, will either Ant or Dec actually remember to use it when faced with, you guessed it, a laser?

    Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway continues tonight on ITV from 7pm.

    *This was an April Fools joke by the ITV Takeaway team, if you didn’t guess..

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