Cat Deeley and Ant and Dec CONFIRM SM:TV reunion for its 20th anniversary!


    Geordie duo Ant and Dec, and Cat Deeley have CONFIRMED an SM:TV reunion for the show’s 20th anniversary.

    Ant and Dec confirmed live Saturday Night Takeaway that they will reunite with Cat Deeley for the 20th anniversary of SM:TV.

    In ITV Takeaway’s running drama for the series ‘The Missing Crown Jewels’, Cat Deeley was revealed to be Maskface – Joining the boys on stage the threesome confirmed an SM:TV reunion.

    The presenters discussed the possibility of a reunion live on the telly, in front of millions: “Would we be rubbish now?” Cat asked before Dec joked: “We were rubbish then!”

    Shortly after Cat said: “Ok let’s do it!”

    Ant and Dec told Metro at the launch of this series Saturday Night Takeaway that they had been “talking to somebody about [a reunion] recently because it’s twenty years since the launch of SM:TV next year,

    “So, we were saying whether we could do an anniversary special or something, and we got carried away with the idea.”

    They added: “If we did a one off, it would be on at 9.25am, with C.H.U.M.S and all that, and get Cat back!”

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